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Merigona Uka





• Bachelor of Law, University of Geneva, 2015
• Master of Laws, University of Geneva, 2017
• Certificate of specialisation in legal matters, Geneva, 2017
• Bar exam, Geneva, 2022



• French / German / English / Albanian


Contact :


Merigona Uka began her academic training at the Law Faculty of the University of Geneva,
after which she obtained a Bachelor's degree in 2015, a Master's degree specialising in civil and criminal law, and a Certificate of Specialisation in Legal Practice in 2017.
She completed a six-month legal internship at the Juvenile Court before working as a research and teaching assistant in the Department of Civil Law at the University of Geneva.
Merigona Uka completed her legal traineeship with the law firm Ming, Halpérin, Burger & Inaudi, under the supervision of the Bâtonniers Lionel Halpérin and Dominique Burger, as well as Anouchka Halpérin.
After passing her bar exam in 2022, she joined the SIT union for 8 months before joining
KT-Legal SA in February 2023 as an associate.
Merigona Uka is a doctoral student and is currently writing her doctoral thesis on inheritance law under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Law.

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